Note from Hady Kamal (CEO)

The Internet Has Changed Everything!

My design and printing business in Australia has been doing reasonably well for over 20 years but printing profit started to decline gradually in the last few years; with any business, small profit can easily turn into a loss and the business becomes no longer viable.

Profits are declining because of the internet. Print ads gave way to Google for customer acquisition and online orders are sharply on the rise from cheap overseas suppliers (mainly China) but also from local online portals like Vista Print. In addition to competition, the printing market pie itself is shrinking due to clients publishing price lists and catalogues etc, on their website instead of printing.

Alongside my printing business, I also ran an IT & Management Consultancy business. The initial websites that we’ve done for clients were written by our programmers; they functioned well but looked terrible! It became obvious that graphic artists were best suited to design websites; not programmers! But design tools had a steep learning curve, were hard to use and needed the user to have tech skills. With a strong tech team, we decided to develop our own Design Engine.

The challenge to develop a Design Engine was huge, but it was worth it at the end. 8 years of development, WebGen is a world class, browser based, rich and mature software with layers & guides just like Photoshop. Using drag and drop, graphic designers feel instantly at home and can design pixel perfect, highly functional websites without knowing anything about code or web development.

Beside WebGen, we also started developing marketing and management apps customised for Small Business; our target market. Being a small business ourselves, we selected and developed the apps that we wanted to use, perfected them, then sold them to clients. Here we offer you WebGen Studio as a complete Digital Agency Business; a Design Engine plus 24 “Use & Sell” apps.

We’re seeking partners who are keen to enter the safe, future proof and profitable web industry. A web sale, contrary to printing, has a residual recurring income that keeps coming into your bank, even while you’re asleep. We wrote all the software and we’ve been through the journey; so we’re very experienced. We’ll hold your hand to setup, train your staff, run all your digital marketing campaigns, attend to your visitors when they arrive to your website and provide your staff with full ongoing support.

The business model is very much like a franchise, where we assign each geo area exclusively to one partner. We run marketing campaigns on behalf of all partners but strictly only in their own prospective area, so there is no competition amongst partners. I’ve detailed the business proposition as much as I can in this document, but please contact me directly if you need any clarification.